January 31, 2022

101 Things You Can Do While Single On Valentine’s Day!

Hello everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Today is the day of love- and not just romantic love. Use this day to share the love with your friends, family, and your other close loved ones. Valentine’s Day may seem like the worst day of the year to be single, it can be used to share love and maximize your self-care!

Pamper and indulge yourself on this day and enjoy your time either single or surrounded by friends and family.

So let’s get into it!

  1. Get a massage
  2. Cook yourself a lavish dinner
  3. Get a facial
  4. Do your makeup
  5. Get your nails done
  6. Order fancy takeout
  7. Get your hair done
  8. Bake something sweet (and share it with your friends and family)
  9. Buy some wine and champagne
  10. Buy yourself some cute clothes
  11. Binge-watch your favourite TV series
  12. Watch some old Hollywood movies
  13. Spend the day reading
  14. Make some art (painting, sketching,…)
  15. Go on a nature walk
  16. Go on a run
  17. Have a picnic
  18. Take a relaxing bath
  19. Buy silk pyjamas and spend the day in them
  20. Invite your single friends and/or family members over and have a Galentine’s Day
  21. Buy yourself some flowers
  22. Go to the beach
  23. Buy your loved ones some flowers
  24. Try out a new recipe
  25. Buy some expensive chocolates
  26. Get a hotel room and pamper yourself
  27. Make some DIY hair masks and face masks
  28. Have an at-home runway show
  29. Do some candlelit yoga
  30. Meditate with some aromatherapy
  31. Buy a new skincare product
  32. Explore your town/city
  33. Buy a new hair care product
  34. Take yourself out for dinner
  35. Buy some comfy slippers
  36. Plant some food
  37. Go sight-seeing
  38. Go swimming
  39. Get yourself some jewelry
  40. Take an online class
  41. Spend the day learning small phrases in different languages
  42. Do some calligraphy and send them to your loved ones
  43. Do a full-body mask and exfoliation
  44. Exercise
  45. Buy some house plants
  46. Donate to your favourite charities
  47. Volunteer at your local charities
  48. Take a long scenic drive
  49. Go to the movies
  50. Spend the day driving
  51. Find a tutorial on youtube and do some cool make-up and hairstyles
  52. Go to the sauna/ steam room
  53. Make yourself an elaborate drink
  54. Binge-watch movies or TV shows with your celebrity crush or about Valentine’s Day
  55. Clean your house or room
  56. Change your sheets
  57. Buy some candles or incense
  58. Spend the day truly learning your personality type, archetype, skin undertone, and body type
  59. Reconnect with old friends
  60. Leave the country or city for the night
  61. Go bar hopping with your friends
  62. Watch movies and add a drinking game
  63. Play some board games with your friends and add your own twist
  64. Play “pub golf”
  65. Do some winter sports (skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding)
  66. Go on a boat ride
  67. Spend the day listening to your favourite teenage jams
  68. Learn how to do different accents
  69. Make a vision board
  70. Upgrade your look
  71. Increase your confidence
  72. Meaningless flirt with some old flames
  73. Wear some red, white, or pink
  74. Try eating some aphrodisiacs
  75. Have a dance party
  76. Have a karaoke party
  77. Learn a dance routine from your favourite movie or music video
  78. Dress up as a character or celebrity
  79. Find out your skin type and re-tailor your skincare routine
  80. Find out your hair type and porosity and revamp your hair care routine
  81. Wear fancy outfits and fancy cakes (channel that Marie Antoinette energy)
  82. Go on a nature walk and take a bunch of photos
  83. Play music, dress up and have a photoshoot
  84. Make your homemade ice-cream
  85. Make an elaborate cocktail
  86. Spend the day learning about wine
  87. Take a wine tour
  88. Play an instrument that you have
  89. Take a couple of singing lessons
  90. Go skating
  91. Have a snowball fight
  92. Re-decorate your room or house
  93. Spend the day playing your favourite video game
  94. Do a juice cleanse
  95. Buy a bunch of magazines and cut out the picture you love
  96. Straighten or curl your hair
  97. Watch beauty pageants
  98. Window shop luxury stores
  99. Get eyelash extensions
  100. Get your lashes and eyebrows tinted
  101. Do whatever you want!

How do you like to spend your Valentine’s Day? Will you be doing anything from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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