February 1, 2022

12 Wardrobe Essentials – How to Build a Timeless Closet!

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Hello everyone! 

Today we’re 12 wardrobe essentials and how to build a timeless closet! Do you ever look into your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? It may be time for you to revamp your wardrobe! As we always say, buy quality clothing and avoid fast fashion! Try to thrift, buy second-hand, and sell/donate your older clothes. That is why we will be going through some wardrobe essentials that are always in style. and can serve as the backbone and the go-tos of your closet!

When you base your entire wardrobe on trending styles, you doom yourself to wasted money and clothes. In earlier times, there were only four fashion seasons (spring, summer, winter, and fall) but today, there are so many new trends occurring more rapidly than before. This is not to say to not engage in trends- it can be fun! But you will shine when you develop your personal style instead of relying on social media to tell you what to wear.

So let’s get into it!

1. Little Black Dress

The little black dress can serve to be a great look on so many occasions. Investing in a nice mid-length black dress will be worth all the use it will get! We recommend tailoring it as well so it fits you like a glove. It is very convenient to have a perfectly fitting dress for a fancy occasion which you know makes you look gorgeous!

2. Blazer and Jean Jacket

A nice fitted and oversize black blazer and a jean jacket are wardrobe staples! Each can serve to either dress up a casual look or make a dressy outfit a bit more relaxed. A high-quality blazer and jean jacket will last you forever so don’t be afraid to get a nice one!

3. Jeans and Trousers

A well-fitted pair of jeans and trousers are essential. We would recommend a pair of black, dark wash, and light wash jeans (white as well if you’re feeling adventurous). There a plenty of different fits of jeans available! Straight, slim, skinny, boyfriend, flared, bootcut, mom, lowrise, highrise, jeggings, and more. We recommend you try on different fits and see what flatters your specific body the most. Recently, the oversized relaxed fit of jeans has been quite popular! We discuss more fashion trends in this post. Trousers are a great option instead of jeans and can be worn in a more professional environment.

4. T-Shirts and Blouses

A black, white, and grey t-shirt can never go wrong. Whether oversized, fitted, v-neck, or scoop neck, some nice quality t-shirts are a great pairing for many casual outfits. On the other hand, it is also good to have some nice blouses handy! These will be perfect on occasions when a t-shirt is a bit too casual. A nice collection of blouses is great to have and can be easily paired with jeans or trousers to make a cute look!

5. Skirts

A maxi, midi, and mini skirt are essentials! A well-fitted skirt can never go wrong. Depending on the circumstances, some lengths and styles of skirts may or may not be appropriate so make sure you have nice skirts in all 3 lengths! Be sure to have a casual skirt and a more formal/ classy skirt as well.

6. Shapewear

No matter what kind of body you have under your clothes, shapewear can be useful for anyone. Shapewear can help with bloating and helps your clothes look well-fitted and seamless. Make sure your shapewear isn’t bulky and obvious underneath your clothes- this defeats the purpose! Some people even say fajas can help with back pain and posture. Furthermore, some stockings are also good to have. Nude stockings can help your legs look smooth and slim and black ones can add some modesty to your outfit.

7. Loungewear

This goes without saying but some good loungewear to wear at home is essential! Ditch those old jogging pants and washed-out t-shirt and get some comfortable and still cute loungewear.

8. Athleisure

Athleisure is a great option if you’re running errands or have some physical work to do. It’s nice to have when you don’t feel like wearing jeans or trousers and a nice top but still allows you to look put together in public. A monochromatic athleisure look is a super cute look and very in style!

9. Belts

We recommend having at least a brown and black belt in both silver and gold varnish. Although a small detail, having all your metals match will make you look 10x more put together!

10. Shoes

It is good to have a pair of running (exercise) shoes, tennis shoes, flats, wedges, pumps, and stilettos. There are many different designs and colours but it is good to start with simple black or nude (your specific skin tone) heels and then build your collection from there.

11. Purses

It is always good to have a tote bag, gym bag, clutch, shoulder bag, and handbag! As with the belts, a brown and black purse with gold and silver varnish will serve to make your outfit look more complete and stylish. From here, you can add some purses with fun colours and cool designs. As a tip, don’t buy something just because you like it, buy it if you see yourself actually wearing it!

12. Classy Sleepwear

A nice pair of pyjamas will make you want to go bd early! We recommend having silk pyjamas set because of the myriad of benefits for your skin. Little things such as having a classy pyjama set will add some small happiness in places you didn’t even realize need it!

Do you have a well-rounded wardrobe? Do you need to pick up some wardrobe essentials from this list? Let me know in the comment below!

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