Month: March 2022

March 27, 2022

How To Be A More Interesting Person- 6 Ways To Make Your Personality Shine!

Today we are talking about how to be a more interesting person and some tips to make your personality truly shine! Truth be told, being a “boring” person isn’t anything to be ashamed of but in certain situations such as networking, job interviews, making new friends, etc, you’ll need your personality to shine. A lot of people who identify as an introvert may suffer in times when you need to turn your personality and charm “on”.The purpose of this blog post isn’t for you to psychologically hack your way to success but to allow your personality to be shown. On the other hand, if you genuinely feel like a “boring” person (you are bored and have no hobbies) maybe it’s time for you to add some flare to your routine!

March 20, 2022

How to Be More Decisive- 7 Ways To Stop Second-Guessing Yourself!

Today we are talking about how to be more decisive and ways to stop second-guessing yourself! As with general overthinking, being indecisive may seem like a harmless trait to have but can be a tiring and draining way to live life. A lot of indecisiveness can be traced back to a lack of confidence and a lack of self-knowledge intertwined with perfectionism. Learning how to be a confident and decisive person will only change your life for the better! Self-doubt and second-guessing yourself will never produce a peaceful and self-assured life that everyone should have! Adopting this new way of life may seem like an arduous process but with these 7 tips second-guessing yourself will become a past thought in your mind.

March 12, 2022

2022 Journaling Guide With Journaling Ideas- How to Master the Art of Journaling!

Today we are sharing a 2022 journaling guide with journaling ideas and how to master the art of journaling! As you may know, Audacia has recently launched our Manifestation, Meditation, and Mindfulness Journal with great journaling prompts. We also have a stylish notebook that is great for drawing, writing, and taking notes! Although a journal may seem like a simple activity reserved for the classroom, it is an amazing habit to have. Journaling has many benefits (not just sentimental ones) and has been used in adjunctive therapeutic practices and interventions. The power of journaling is real! It is something that is more than easy to do and can be started at any time you want! But…how do you start? This journaling guide will help point you in the right direction to build a lifelong healthy and rewarding habit.

March 6, 2022

How To Stop Overthinking Everything- 7 Tips To Relax!

Today we are talking about how to stop overthinking everything and 7 tips to relax! Overthinking may seem like a harmless problem but it has been linked to depression and anxiety and can be a symptom of these afflictions. It may be hard to kick a habit but we will be providing 7 easy methods to reduce overthinking and you can start today!

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