Month: April 2022

April 17, 2022

How To Be More Motivated- 9 Steps To Build Your Discipline!

Today we are talking about how to be more motivated and ways to stay on track! A third of 2022 has already gone by, are you keeping up with your resolutions and personal goals? Getting motivated, staying motivated, and continuing with achieving your goals is a hard task for many people. Whether it’s not seeing instant results or a sudden lack of interest in your passions, motivation is a feeling that ebbs and flows like any other emotion. No one is motivated 24/7 but a person can turn their motivation into a routine and their routine into discipline. When we ask, “how can I get motivated?”, the remedy we search for is not watching motivational videos or reading motivational quotes. The true solution is constructing your life in a way where every day you make even the most minute progress on your goals and it is easier than you think.

April 10, 2022

How To Meditate- Become More In Tune With Yourself!

Today we are talking about how to meditate and how to become more in tune with yourself. Meditation dates back centuries to 1500 BCE in India and Taoist China. Although the specific origins are heavily debated, the purpose has always remained the same! Meditation as a form of enlightenment or introspection has always been the main goal of this practice. Many notable benefits of meditation can help you with your personal life, relationships, careers, and goals! When we meditate we must also acknowledge that we are engaging in a practice connected to a long and important history in India and China. On the other hand, meditation is a tool that can be used by anyone needing more clarity and understanding about life. It may seem like a difficult practice to start but it is easier than you think!

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