April 24, 2022

25 Journaling Ideas – Kick-start Your Journaling Journey Today!

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Hello everyone!

We are giving you 25 journaling ideas to jump-start your journaling journey! Journaling is an amazing activity that can be done by everyone and anywhere! Although journaling is easy to do, it may be hard to find inspiration day after day. 

Audacia has launched a Manifestation, Meditation, and Mindfulness Journal which is great for those days when you want some direction with your journaling. Our journaling approach will rebuild your self-concept, rewire your emotions, and refocus your mind on the present moment through our thought-provoking journal prompts and open writing space. Audacia’s manifestation prompts are focused on building a solid foundation of confidence and self-concept. Releasing limiting beliefs about your abilities and unnecessary anxieties about the future is key to achieving your goals. Our meditation prompts will help access parts of your emotions and mental health that need healing. Becoming more in tune with yourself is essential to understanding why you are the way you are. Our mindfulness prompts will help you become more grounded and present in your daily life. Patience, optimism, and doing things with intention can radically change your days for the better.

Aside from having a journal with prompts, here are some fun and spontaneous journaling ideas to add some sparkle to your journaling journey!

So let’s get into it!

Journaling: Crash Course

Journaling has many different forms and many different uses. It has been used in conjunction with therapeutic practices helping to heal trauma and other mental illnesses and issues. Journaling for depression, anxiety, PTSD, confidence, self-awareness, manifestation, meditation, and mindfulness has all been noted to bring significant positive results. It has been shown to reduce negative emotions and increase positive ones and allow you to process your feelings and combat toxic cycles. Journal can shine a light on your life and illuminate both the good and the bad, opening the door for gratitude while identifying areas for change. There are many types of journaling such as bullet, art, yoga, junk, travel, fitness, prompted, and self-directed journaling. Each of these has both similar and unique benefits but the key to unlocking all these wonderful benefits of journaling is authentic, intentional, and consistent journaling!

25 Journaling Ideas

1. Write a letter to your future self.

2. Express your day through sketching.

3. Make a ‘scrapbook’ page describing your day.

4. Express gratitude to someone.

5. Write a letter to your past self.

6. Draw out your 5-year plan in a timeline format.

7. Go out into nature and describe what you saw like it was a scene in a movie.

8. Describe your appearance, personality, and current situation in the 3rd person.

9. How have you changed over the past 10 years?

10. Describe your biggest failure to date.

11. Describe your biggest accomplishment to date.

12. Summarize your day in one sentence.

13. Write a haiku.

14. Write about some current news.

15. Recount a meaningful conversation you had with someone you love.

16. Describe your personality in 5 words.

17. Describe your current life and your dream life. Highlight the differences and make SMART goals and plans to achieve them.

18. What’s the hardest thing you ever had to do?

19. Write a poem.

20. Write one word (in different fonts) that describes your day.

21. If you could speak to your future self, what would you say?

22. If you could speak to your past self, what would you say?

23. Would you rather go into the future 10 years or go into the past 10 years? Why? What would you do?

24. Describe your current view in intricate detail.

25. If you could write and direct a movie, what would it be about?

Journaling Tips!

Set your intentions and goals

The best way to stay on track with your journaling is to set both your intentions and detail your goals. What do you wish to accomplish from journaling? Are you journaling to reduce your anxiety and depression? Do you want to increase your confidence? Are you looking for an emotional release? Ensure that you go into journaling with some sort of intention, this will help guide you on days when you feel less inspired and motivated. Setting out some journaling goals is great to keep you consistent! Whether it’s twice a day or a few pages a week, being mindful of your goals can help bring you results!

Let go of rules

Don’t be your own voyeur or your critic when you journal! It’s counterproductive. This is a time to let go of rules, social conformity, and any personal facades. You will reap the most rewards from your journaling when you are completely honest and authentic. It may feel odd or even wrong at first but being able to transfer your thoughts, especially the dark, depressing, or even violent ones, can lift a huge weight off your shoulders! Harbouring these emotions will eat you from the inside out. It’s hard to drop these mental boundaries but over time it will become easier and you will only benefit in return.

Make it a thing!

Wear cute clothes like pyjamas! Light a candle and make yourself a warm drink! Burn incense and wear a moisturizing sheet mask. When you create a relaxing or fun atmosphere to journal in, you’ll want to do it more. Don’t treat it like a chore but treat it as a treat!

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Do you enjoy journaling? How often do you journal? Let us know in the comments below!

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