January 31, 2022

Best Hairstyles For Women- 11 Gorgeous and Effortless Looks!

Hello everyone!

Today we are talking about some quick, simple, and cute hairstyles for women to wear this summer! Hot weather makes it hard to do full makeup and wear your hair in complex hairstyles so we will be sharing some styles to keep you feeling cool and cute in the hot sun.

We must always take care of our hair- especially in the summer. Intense heat from the sun can further damage our hair! Make sure your hair is staying moisturized and you avoid long durations in direct sun as best as you can. When you take a dip in a nice, cold pool make sure you are washing your hair afterwards! Wearing swimming caps may not be the most stylish option so take care of your hair after chlorine exposure.

So let’s get into it!

1.2-Front Braids

The first style is the very simplest of the 11 hairstyles on this list! This can be worn at any time of time and is a quick and casual everyday look. All you have to do is part your hair in the middle and take to medium-sized triangular pieces next to the part. You can braid these two pieces or you can leave them and put your hair in a bun or ponytail. This adds a bit of dimension to your face and spices up a basic hairstyle. All you need to complete this look is a comb, braiding ability, and hair elastics.

2. Middle-part slick back

If you have been following Audacia for a while, you know we love to mention a middle part slick back look. It is so timeless! This look can be daytime, nighttime, causal, dressy, classy, and sexy! Most of all, it can be done in 5 minutes. All you need for this look is a comb, brush, styling gel or pomade, and a hair tie. You can put the hair in a ponytail, braid, or bun. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily an everyday style because of the heavy use of styling gel and brushing on the edges of your hair. But, you can preserve your hairstyle by using a silk scarf when you go to bed and a shower cap!

3. Faux locs

This is a very cute and lightweight style! Committing to locs is not something that can be done lightly but this does not mean you can’t try out this style! Faux locs have been recently very popular and for a great reason. They are very versatile in length, style, and colour. If you have done your hair at home, you can take on the challenge of doing your own faux locs! For this style, you’ll need a rat-tail comb, clean pre-stretched hair, braiding hair, crochet hair, and hair clips. If you are inexperienced with doing hair, we recommend going to an accredited stylist near you.

4. Passion twists

Passion twists are an oldie but a goodie. This style is very natural, and simple, and is perfect for summer! This style is slightly different from regular twists because of the use of curly crochet hair. Using this type of hair allows for a subtle curl to be added to each twist giving the hair more body and personality. This is a simple style that can even be done at home by beginners. All you need for this look is a rat-tail comb, clean pre-stretched hair, curly crochet hair, hair ties, and some styling gel.

5. Big curls

This is a very recent TikTok trend. We love this style because it is so in line with the 70s-inspired fashion trends we are seeing this summer. If you want to do something super fun and new with your hair- try this out! You’ll need some clean straightened hair, hair rollers, a round brush, and a touch of hair spray. This look is great as a daytime beach look with a cute sundress and stylish accessories.

6. Knotless braids

Knotless braids have been booming in the natural hair community and for good reason. This new technique of braiding allows the braids to be smaller, lay flatter on your head and decreases tension on your roots. What could you want? This look is great for the summer because the style can be easily manipulated into a ponytail or bun. For this style, a rat-tail comb, braiding hair, hair ties, and styling gel is needed. These braids may take longer than usual because each braid is done in a “fed-in” technique in which more pieces are added as the braid continues. Try it out at home or go to a hairstylist near you!

7. Headbands

We love this preppy/ sporty look! The large headband gives off the country club look. This can be done with any type of hair at any length! Just slide on a thick headband and dress in a classic preppy outfit. Very cute and trendy!

8. Alligator/ crocodile hair clips

This is a super simple style that is still very stylish. All you need is a clip and some medium-length hair. This style is great for getting your hair out of the way in the hot sun. Not the best for any sports activities but is very casual and practical for everyday wear.

9. Headscarf

The silk headscarf is a timeless look that goes back to the 50s and beyond. It is very simple and cute and is great for keeping your hair under control. All you need is a silk scarf and some bobby pins! You’ll be tying the scarf at the base of your neck and bobby pins can be used to secure it at the back if necessary. You can leave some pieces of hair out at the front to frame your face or you can wear them in more of a cap style!

10. Goddess braids

This style is similar to knotless braids but with a twist. With goddess braids, you’ll be leaving out a considerable length of the hair unbraided at the bottom to curl/wave it in a specific way. You can also add curly pieces of hair along the length of the braid to give off that Lisa Bonet or Zoe Kravitz look! For this style, you’ll need a rat-tail comb, clean pre-stretched hair, braiding hair, curly crochet hair or curly human hair, hair ties, and styling gels. This style can be very versatile and is not harsh on your hair at all – get into it!

11. Natural hair

This one may seem lame but remember your natural has always and will always be a look! Don’t feel pressured to dive into all the new, trendy hairstyles. Taking care of your natural hair will always be the most important. This is done not only through products but by maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall. Exercise, eat healthily, reduce your stress and watch your hair flourish. The summer is a perfect time to let your natural locs free- have fun and be confident!

What hairstyles do you like and which are not your style? Have you done any hairstyles from this list? What are your go-to summer hairstyles this year? Let us know in the comment below!

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