5 Tips For Insane Hair Growth-See Instant Results!

Hello everyone!

Today I will be giving you 5 tips to grow your hair to waist length! How to make your hair grow faster is a question many people have!

Since I have implemented these tips into my routine, I have noticed a big difference in the length AND health of my hair. If you want serious hair growth, you need to focus on HEALTH, not the LENGTH! Your hair will naturally begin to retain more length the healthier it is.

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So let's get into it!

1. Scalp Massages

Scalp massages are an excellent way to increase the length of your hair! By adding this to your hair care routine, you can expect to increase blood circulation. This will subsequently enhance hair growth, stimulate hair follicles, and strengthen your hair! It has also been reported to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Combining your oil treatment with a scalp massage is great to accelerate your hair growth results.

2. Oil and Protein Treatments

Although hair moisturizer is very important, I personally find that oil treatments have taken priority in my hair care routine. Personally, I have found that spritzing water on my hair is enough to moisturize it throughout the day. In contrast, applying and massaging small amounts of oil to your scalp regularly or doing hot oil treatments will be beneficial. Experiment and discover which oils work best for your hair! Popular oils include argan oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, rosemary oil, and coconut oil.

Adding oils to your hair has been proven to: increase hair strength, reduce scalp itchiness, increase blood flow, and reduce dryness. Protein treatments are also very important in that they strengthen the hair follicle and reduce breakage. Rice water for hair growth has become very popular recently and for good reason! It is a cheap and efficient way to increase the strength and shine of your hair. Here is a video on how to make rice water at home.

3. Balanced Diet

No matter how amazing and consistent our hair care routine can be, we must eat a healthy and balanced diet to see the greatest return from our efforts! Important nutritional staples for hair growth include vitamin D (salmon, ricotta, mackerel, egg yolks), vitamin E (almond, peanut butter, pumpkin, safflower oil, spinach), biotin (meats, eggs, fish, seed, sweet potatoes), protein (protein powder, meats, fish, beans, nuts, cottage cheese), and omega-3 fatty acid (supplements, fish, avocados). If you find it hard to incorporate all these foods, Nature’s Bounty has vitamins focused to help hair, skin, and nail health. Most of the time, our appearance is a reflection of our health so we must focus on the inside before we work on the external.

4.  Consistent Routine

To reap the benefits of a meticulously crafted routine, we must be consistent with it! Just because you have used a product for a couple of weeks and haven’t seen noticeable hair growth, you should not be so quick to switch things up. Keeping a consistent routine will help your hair adapt to the products it is receiving and decrease manipulation.

How fast does hair grow? Most people grow hair an average of 1/2 inch per month leading to 6 inches per year. If you have a curly texture prone to shrinkage, it may be harder to see hair growth in its natural state but you must stay consistent and focus on the health of your hair, not the length.

5.  Low Manipulation and Protection

Low manipulation is a hidden secret in hair growth. Styling your hair daily in intensive ways can promote hair fall and breakage and even promote tension/ traction alopecia. Find ways to style your hair infrequently with low tension with your ends protected and you will a major difference in length and health! In addition, incorporating silk pillowcases, silk scrunchies, or silk scarfs will also dramatically reduce hair breakage and split ends.

Let me know what your favourite hair product is! What secret tips and routines do you have for your hair?

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