12 Hot Summer Fashion Trends- Sexy And Simple!

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Today I will be discussing 12 summer fashion trends that you should try out this year! These trends can be customized to your personal style, dressed up or down, and are ageless! Summer is the best time to come out of your comfort zone (fashion-wise) and spice up what you're wearing. Don't feel pressured to follow the crowd or wear what everyone else is wearing on Instagram. Try to identify your personal look and style and have fun with some new trends! Creating a Pinterest board is an efficient way to keep track of some of the looks you like.

The summer trends have been heavily influenced by '70s, 2000s, and y2k fashion and it's great! This is a testament to buying quality pieces and keeping them over the years. I'm sure many older people have vintage pieces that can be worn this summer! The vibe is relaxed, colourful, artsy, decorated, and individualistic. No more carbon copy fashion- this summer is about taking inspiration from the trends and making them uniquely your own! Also, I recommend learning your skin undertones and colour type to find what colours make your eyes, skin, and hair pop! Please avoid purchasing from fast fashion stores. Here is a great documentary explaining fast fashion and its detrimental effects. Buy quality, preserve, and thrift!

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Let's get into it!

  1. Clear colours

This is a trend that I am particularly excited about! Although I love wearing all black, it is not the most hot-weather-friendly. I have seen an amazing resurgence in colour! So long to the boring beiges, cream whites, and sandy browns, and welcome in some colour in your outfits. When I say "clear colours", I mean wearing clothing in which the colour is purer than it is an off "shade" of that colour. This trend can be executed in multiple ways. You can wear one colour all in the same shade, wear one colour in different shades, have a statement piece with a clear colour, or mix clear colours in your outfits, etc. Bring out that old loud green t-shirt and wear it with some relaxed greens and sneakers!

2. Eternity and enamel rings

If you are a jewelry lover then this trend is for you! Eternity diamond rings or enamels rings are in season! I've been eternity rings with gold or silver bands and colourful diamonds stacked on one finger or enamels rings on all of your fingers. Play around and see what's comfortable for yourself!

3. Square-toed heels

Bottega Veneta has been dominating shoes at the moment. Their square-toed heels have taken the spotlight from the classic pointed shape. These are super cute and can be styled with jeans, dresses, or shorts. I have also observed a revival in smaller, chunkier heels and sandal heels. We love comfort at Audacia! Square-toed heels or heels, in general, may not be your thing and that's okay, a bonus trend is chunky sneakers and low Jordans. Try both out and find out what you love!

4. Blazers

The oversized blazer has not necessarily made a comeback but it definitely a moment that is sticking around this summer. The oversized blazer (which can be worn in a "clear" colour) is a cute way to warm up or class up your nighttime outfit. It can be worn casually with a pair of jeans and sneakers or dressed up with a dress and some square-toed heels.

5. Boxy- relaxed silhouette

This is a general trend but is one the has circulated all the way from the 1920s. The relaxed silhouette is very popular not only in the summer but this year! Baggy sweaters, jeans, and t-shirts are the way to go. Get comfortable in your clothes and wear things a size-up. This look is very men's 2000s as well but can be fashioned to still be cute or sexy. Try on some larger-sized clothing and see if you like it!

6. French tips and designs

French tips are always a classy nail style to go with but it does not have to be so plain anymore! Playing around with the colour of the tips and adding intricate designs is in! You can try different shades of the same colour as the tips, different colours for all the tips, or designs on each tip. This trend can make your nails uniquely YOU and show off your amazing personality with such small details!

7. Frameless or rectangle sunglasses

Frameless and/ or large sunglasses are a 2000s favourite that is back in! Glasses with a gradient are super cute and can be paired with a variety of outfits (and can be used when you're not feeling cute).

8. Shoulder bags and small clutches

Shoulder bags and small clutches have been kicking around for a while. Smaller bags, purses, clutches are staying around for the summer and it's great! I have never personally been a fan of huge handbags so I love this trend. You don't have to buy a YSL or Christian Dior bag, check out your local thrift shop, affordable (non-fast fashion) online shops, eBay, and Depop for great options. Don't be afraid of branching out from the classic black or brown bags!

9. Heavily stacked accessories

In line with enamel rings and eternity rings, jewelry, in general, is being heavily stacked everywhere! Lots of bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, and necklaces are a huge trend. Adornment is circulating so don't be afraid to wear 10 different rings or 5 necklaces- minimalism is not necessary!

10. Relaxed jeans

Say goodbye to skinny jeans (for now) and welcome some relaxed or oversize jeans in your life. This one is also very 2000s and is very versatile. Jeans can be dressed up with a nice blouse, a corset, or even an oversize blazer! On the other hand, you can execute the relaxed silhouette by pairing relaxed jeans with a baggy, clear-coloured t-shirt or hoodie.

11. Slick back middle part hairstyles

I personally refer to this as the Bella Hadid bun! On the other hand, I don't recommend pulling your hair tight and adding a lot of styling products too often but if you're looking for a special and simple hairstyle- try this out! This hairstyle is great for parties or if you're wearing an outfit that shows off your back! Get out your comb, brush, pomade, hair ties, and hairspray and try this out!

12. Loud prints, patterns, and cuts

Lastly, loud prints, patterns, and extravagant cuts are in! Although this look is heavily influenced by vintage Jean Paul Gaultier- it doesn't have to be at that price. The thrift is a great option for finding some unique, trendy, and affordable clothing!

What summer fashion trends are you looking forward to this summer? What trends will you be trying out and what trends will you be avoiding? Let me know in the comments!

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