2022 Journaling Guide With Journaling Ideas- How to Master the Art of Journaling!

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Today I will be sharing a 2022 journaling guide with journaling ideas and how to master the art of journaling! As you may know, Audacia has recently launched our Manifestation, Meditation, and Mindfulness Journal with great journaling prompts. We also have a stylish notebook that is great for drawing, writing, and taking notes! Although a journal may seem like a simple activity reserved for the classroom, it is an amazing habit to have. Journaling has many benefits (not just sentimental ones) and has been used in adjunctive therapeutic practices and interventions. The power of journaling is real! It is something that is more than easy to do and can be started at any time you want! But...how do you start? This journaling guide will help point you in the right direction to build a lifelong healthy and rewarding habit.

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So let's get into it!

1. What is journaling?

So what is journaling exactly? Journaling is the act of writing down information and logging the date for record keeping. There are many different forms of journaling that are all beneficial in their own way.

Types of journaling:

Bullet Journal 

This type of journaling includes a short form content such as daily to-do lists, reminders, responsibilities, goals, etc. It's a great way to keep organized on a day-to-day basis.

Art Journal 

An art journal is fantastic way for creative express and involves loging journal entriees through art! Instead of writing a long passage bout your day, you would draw one instead!

Yoga Journal

A yoga journal is a method to keep track of your yoga journey. You can reecord your feelings before and after your session, your progression, your areas in need for improvement, and more!

Junk Journal

A junk journal is one that is unique its creation and not so much in its use! You build a junk journal by using unused or recycled papers and similar materials.

Travel Journal

A travel journal is amazing way to document your adventures nationally and internationally. Although taking pictures can capture the visuals, a journal is able to also memorialize the feelings, the vibe, and the essence of the vacation as well which is truly priceless.

Fitness Journal

Like the yoga journal, a fitness journal is amazing way to keep track of your fitness journey. Whether you need to count calories, macros, track your weight, monitor your progress- it all can be done in a journal!

2. How to journal

Free Writing

Free writing journaling is a great way to release emotions! With this method, you just put pen to paper and write. This is a great for those who do not necessarily have any specific goals with their journaling but just want to get into the habit!

Prompted Writing

Prompted journal writing is a good for adding some direction and purpose into your writing. Depending on what type of journaling you would like to do, you can find journaling prompts for anxiety, depression, stress

Audacia has a great journal focused on manifestation, meditation, and mindfulness. The prompts are focused on releasing limiting beliefs, building your self-concept, increasing self-knowledge, and becoming more grounded. Click HERE to learn more!

3. Benefits of journaling

There are numerous documented benefits of regular journaling that can radically improve your life! Most noted, journaling has therapeutic uses that can help you deal with trauamatic, stressful, upsetting, and angering events. The benefits of journaling are seen most when you are consistent and intentional with your writing!

Journal can:

- reduce stress

- improve confidence

- improve well-being

- improve memory

- reduce stress and depression

- increase cognitive function

- improve emotional regulation

- release emotional baggage

- healing trauma

and much more!

4. Journaling routine


Daytime journaling is a nice and peaceful to start your day! When you journal in the morning, you can use that time to set your intentions for the day and start things off with a mindful and optimistic note.


Nighttime journaling is an amazing way to reflect on your day and recall things you may have otherwise forgotten. At this time, you can also set your intentions for the next and what you hope tomorrow will bring.

Dayttime & Nighttime

Doing both dayttime and nightttime journal brings you the best of both worlds! You get to start the day off with a positive and peaceful note then reflect later on in the day.

Sporiadically or Periodically

Unconsistent journalling is better than no journalling at all! But with type of jourrnal, for example, only journalling when major life events happen, will memorialize your memories which is amazing but you will not reap all the amazing benefits that journaling has to offer!

Bonus: Journaling Ideas

Beginner: Prompted journaling once a day.

Intermediate: Prompted journaling twice a day OR free writing twice a day.

Expert: Prompted journaling in the morning AND free writing in the evening.

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Have you journaled before? Is journaling apart of your daily routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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