Feeling Down? Here Are 7 Ways To Instantly Upgrade Your Look!

Hello everyone!

Today I will be sharing a couple ways for you to instantly upgrade your look!

It can be very easy to get into your own head and you can forget to take care of yourself! Have you found yourself not showering everyday? Have you stayed in your pyjamas all day...even in your zoom meetings? I will be giving you some tips to upgrade your look with ease.

These easy tips will instantly make you look more put together on those days you're feeling down and out!

So let's get into it!

  1. Monochromatic Matching Loungewear and Outfits

Let's be real- loungewear is just acceptable pyjamas, but they are super cute! Wearing one colour can make you look more put-together and classy without having to spend half an hour picking out an outfit. They can also be just as comfortable as those pyjamas you love so don't hesitate to pick up a pair! Loungewear can come in a sweater/joggers pair, cami/shorts pair, cardigan/cami/shorts pair, and many more- so choose what looks best and feels best for you! Popular loungewear are super cute and tend to have a soft texture (silk, faux fur, fuzzy) and fit in a relaxed way. Here is an example:

2. Filed and Polish Nails

Nails that are filed, shaped, and polished can make you 10x more put together and easily upgrade your appearance! It is not necessary to get a full bio-gel $110 set but you can simply shape your natural nails at home and throw on some clear polish. I love clear polish because it goes with every outfit and makes your nails look very healthy!

If clear polish is too boring for you, choose any colour that suits your style. I love pale pinks, bright reds, and the classic french tip. Bonus points if you match your manicure to your pedicure as well! This makes you look like you take pride in your appearance and is super cute (especially paired with that monochromatic loungewear you've picked out). It is a very simple step that make you look fashionable!

3. Slick Low Bun

We all have those bad hair days! But what if i told you I have a certified hair style to combat any unruly and uncooperative hair?

The SLICK (middle part) LOW BUN. Yes! This hairstyle might be the easiest thing to do! The slick low bun is very classy and gives off "boss-girl" vibes or you can add some baby hairs to frame your face and you instantly have the "cute girl next door" vibes! It is quite versatile for a simple hairstyle! If the low bun isn't your speed, you can throw it a braid in the low ponytail instead for a very trend look. So no more, messy top buns and opt for a middle part slick low bun for a more groomed look! Here are some examples:

4. Simple Jewelry

Small Jewelry pieces upgrade your look within seconds! Wearing small earrings, thin banded rings, and a cute bracelet will take your look from 0 to 10 instantly. It is imperative to not choose tacky, in-your-face pieces (that's not the look we are going for...today at least) because it will definitely cheapen your look! Choose more small pieces to add a delicate and model look to your appearance. Here are some examples of what I mean:

5. Groom Your Eyebrows

Bushy eyebrows are a trend but this does not mean unkempt eyebrows. If your eyebrows have a life of their own, it's time to get them in line. Here is a great video for at home eyebrow mapping to make sure your eyebrows are as even as possible (if they are not even don't fret- it's normal!). Eyebrows frame your face and groomed eyebrows make a huge difference in your appearance. When you groom your eyebrows, your skin looks clear and bright and it brings harmony to your face!

6. Curl Your Eyelashes

If you love a full natural face of makeup - go ahead! But if you're not feeling up to it, these next two steps will give you a natural makeup look with no makeup! Curling your eyelashes brings life and a little bit of drama to your eyes (you can add mascara if you dare). In my opinion, eyes and lips are the most alluring features, so focus on these to upgrade your appearance instantly (without the heavy lifting of a full makeup look)! A great tip is to heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for around a minute and then curl your lashes (be careful not to burn yourself)! This will ensure your lashes will stayed cute and curled all day!

7. Tinted Lipgloss

After curling your lashes, some natural or tinted lipgloss is the final step to upgrading your appearance. Adding some colour and shine to your lips can make them look healthy and add a bit of sexiness to your look!

What are things you like to do when you're feeling down?

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