How To Stay Productive During The Winter- Combat Winter Blues!

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Today I will be talking about ways to be more productive and to stay on track during the winter! Combatting winter blues and winter unproductivity can be a tough thing for a lot of people. Don't beat yourself up! This is a common situation for many people that live in parts of the world with harsh winters. There's less sunlight, it's cold, your appetite changes, and many other myriads of not-so-positive changes. But don't fret, wintertime can be a fun, productive, and enjoyable part of the year if you approach it correctly!

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So let's get into it!

1. Take Vitamin D

Taking vitamin D supplements or increasing the source of vitamin D found in your diet is essential. Along with other vitamins (C, E, A), your vitamin D levels may drop during the wintertime because of the lack of sunlight. Vitamin D keeps your bones, muscles, and teeth healthy!

2. Get Outside

It may be hard when it is super cold but try to get outside every day! Sometimes, we can forget the benefits of fresh air during the colder months but it is essential to healthy living. Try to pick up hobbies that you can do outside and dress accordingly! A lot of people the going outside because they are improperly dressed for the weather. Bundle and enjoy the outdoors!

3. Workout

The winter/ holiday season is notorious for weight gain. Besides keeping a healthy diet, you want to stay active and healthy! Whether it's inside or outside, try to build a realistic workout schedule you can stick to during the colder months. Being active can fight off the fatigue, sluggishness, and mental fog you may feel in the winter.

4. Schedule Your Time and Wake Up Early

Sometimes during the winter, the day can get away from us as a result of the decreased sunlight. To combat this, schedule your days accordingly! Try to build a daily schedule that will keep you on track. Use the Pomodoro method if necessary.

In addition, not everyone is an early bird but waking up early is very important during the winter months. Daily sunlight time is important and you can miss it if you sleep in regularly. You'll also need to put in extra effort to keep your circadian rhythm on track as it is very easy to oversleep in the winter months as well.

5. Get a Sunset Lamp

A sunset lamp is a great way to simulate and make up for the lack of sunlight during the winter. It also adds a relaxing ambiance and can be a nice addition to your nighttime routine.

6. Spend Time With Family and Friends

When it's cold, we may want to just stay in the house under the covers but we need to fight this urge! Make sure you are still spending an adequate amount of time with your friends and family. Isolation during the winter months is common and can lead to anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Call your family or invite your friends over!

7. Stay Healthy

Eat your vegetables! Make sure your diet is still in check during the cold months. Our diets and gut microbiome are intrinsically linked to each other and also to our mental health. Poor diets that are rich in trans fat and carbs are tied to anxiety, depression, and weight gain. Colourful diets are linked to good skin, more energy, and being happy! Be smart with your food choices and try not to over-indulge!

8. Get Outdoor Hobbies

Keep yourself entertained! Being inside most of the winter is not great for your health. If you can, try out outdoor winter activities! Enjoy the wintertime as much as you can instead of seeing it as a curse of your living situation. Dress appropriately and try out some snowboarding, winter walks, skating, etc- it's more fun than you think!

9. Take Your Down Time Seriously

When you're feeling tired or have some time to yourself- use this time seriously! Check in on yourself and treat yourself to a self-care day. The holiday season can be busy and stressful and we can forget to take care of ourselves! Plan out fun or relaxing activities do to when you have the time.

Are you a winter or summer person? Do you have any big plans for the winter months? Let me know in the comments below!

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