March 27, 2022

How To Be A More Interesting Person- 6 Ways To Make Your Personality Shine!

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Hello everyone!

Today we are talking about how to be a more interesting person and some tips to make your personality truly shine! Truth be told, being a “boring” person isn’t anything to be ashamed of but in certain situations such as networking, job interviews, making new friends, etc, you’ll need your personality to shine. A lot of people who identify as an introvert may suffer in times when you need to turn your personality and charm “on”.The purpose of this blog post isn’t for you to psychologically hack your way to success but to allow your personality to be shown. On the other hand, if you genuinely feel like a “boring” person (you are bored and have no hobbies) maybe it’s time for you to add some flare to your routine!

So let’s get into it!

1. Be confident

Being more confident is the first step to being an interesting person! We wrote a whole blog post about improving your self-confidence but here are the main points summarized:

1. Correct your posture:

The 6 steps we always use to fix our posture are: (1) pull your shoulders back (comfortably) (2) protrude your chest slightly (3) lift your head to eye level (4) keep your chin level (5) put your weight in the middle to back of your feet (6) fix your pelvic tilt.

2. Speak clearly:

Have you ever spoken to someone who mumbled and never articulated their words clearly? What did you think of them? Did you think they were knowledgeable, smart, and confident? When fixing your speech, you’ll want to practice by yourself and record to hear how you talk and where you need to improve.

3. Eye contact:

 A good rule is to look someone in their eyes for around 5 seconds before you look away for a couple of seconds and then look back.

4. Smile more:

Appearing happy = Appearing kind = Appearing confident. Have you seen anyone who seemed happy but unconfident? Seems to be a bit of an oxymoron.

5. Take pride in your appearance:

This does not mean you have to wear the latest thing Kanye West or Emrata posted on their Instagram but wear what makes YOU feel the best you can feel. When you feel good about what you’re wearing- it will show! We suggest completely gutting your wardrobe to only the pieces that make you feel 100% confident.

6. Stop comparing yourself:

You are you, there has been nothing like you and there will be nothing like you- YOU ARE UNIQUE. So stop comparing yourself to others because they are not you and they could NEVER be you!

7. Stop negative self-talk: 

You are human and you are not going to be happy 24/7-365 but it is essential to combat negative self-talk once it appears. If you indulge in these negative feelings they will fester and grow in your subconscious… 

All of these steps may seem like a lot to take in but start by doing one a day and work your way through it! We watched a TikTok that said no one knows that you’re insecure and unconfident until you show them! Fake it ’til you make it- but it starts with a genuine effort.

2. Be articulate

Being articulate is having the ability to speak eloquently, fluently, and coherently! Having the ability to translate your thoughts seamlessly into words is an underrated skill that will instantly make you more captivating and interesting. We also wrote a post about being articulate but here are the main points summarized:

1. Record yourself

2. Pronunciation

3. Monitor your speed

4. Be confident when talking

5. Read more

6. Study different languages

3. Indulge in new experiences

Indulging in new experiences is a fantastic way to only learn about yourself more and become a more interesting person! Stepping outside your comfort zone regularly will make you a more well-rounded person with real-life knowledge with a broad range of interesting experiences. Although learning about topics is important, for example, there is a difference between being able to recite every aspect of the construction and creation of Salvador Dalí’s art and being able to describe how you felt when you first saw it in person.

4. Expert knowledge

Expert knowledge in a few specific areas can add to your character! Think about your hobbies and favourite pastimes and how much you truly know about them. Many people love to watch movies but how many know the cinematography, editing, pacing, framing of shots, and other technical things that go into making a movie? So instead of saying, “I like watching movies because they help me relax”, (which there is nothing wrong with this fact but for the sake of being interesting this won’t cut it) you can say, “I enjoy watching modern horror movies, especially ones that focus on the topics of revenge! I watched Midsommar recently and the plot honed in on a numinous ambience while being shot in such a traditionally not threatening atmosphere – it was amazing!”. 

YouTube is a great source for learning more about your pastimes. Don’t feel like this is homework though! It is amazing to be able to learn about virtually anything under the sun, especially the things you are interested in! So whether it is music, fashion, politics, weather, cars, or knitting- don’t be afraid to learn more!

5. General knowledge

On the other hand, keeping up with current events is necessary not only to be a more well-rounded and interesting person but to also be aware of what’s going on. In these difficult times, it may seem best to ignore current news but ignorance is not always bliss! You don’t have to know every detail about everything that’s going on but having a general awareness of the economy, sports, politics, entertainment, etc AND developing your own informed opinion on it is a great way to seem more interesting.

To elaborate, having a well-thought-out opinion on things is essential! I read a quote somewhere that said, “you don’t have to have taste per se but you do have to have an opinion!”. I loved this when I read it because it means that apathy and a general lack of interest and preference is a turn-off and, to be frank, a red flag, for many people. It shows you have developed an identity, and a character, and or have self-knowledge. So don’t be ashamed of your opinions (with boundaries) and be open to different perspectives.

6. Conversationalist

Sometimes you just need to learn how to carry a conversation! Even if you aren’t the most interesting person in the world or you just don’t want to share too many details of your own life, knowing how to make a conversation flow naturally is a skill that everyone should have! A good rule of thumb is to ask questions about the other person and show genuine interest. A lot of people don’t mind talking about themselves and their day, so it’s a good way to make small talk.

Here are some easy tips to be a better conversationalist:

1. Be positive

2. Show interest

3. Be respectful (no arguing or talking about “hot topics”)

4. Share about yourself

5. Compliment them

6. Active listening

7. Ask open-ended questions

8. Be genuine

9. Find commonalities

10. Embrace differences

Would you consider yourself a conversationalist or interesting person? Let us know in the comments below!

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