January 12, 2023

How to Create A Vision Board to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!

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Hello everyone!

Today we are talking about how to build a vision board to help you to achieve your goals! In my post about morning routine for productivity, I spoke of using a vision board for motivation. Vision boards can be described as a collage of pictures related to your dreams and goals. As previously described, “if you were an aspiring chef, your vision board would be filled with pictures of restaurants, experimental dishes, cooking awards, etc”.

Having a vision board can keep you motivated by seeing all the things you aspire for in one place. When you first wake up, it’s great to look at your vision board! It get you excited about your day ahead and your short-term and long-term goals!

So let’s get into it!

1. Find Themes

First, you will want to start by going into deep thought about your goals and your future. Get a pen and paper and write down the domains of your life where you want to achieve your goals. This can be your 1-year goals or your 5-year goals. Specifically, we prefer to focus on each year at a time and then recreate another vision board for the next new year! 

Simultaneously, try to be specific but try not to overdo it- these are only the general areas of your life that you want to see improvement in or have long-term goals. 

A few examples of the domains you want to improve on can be fitness, career, or relationships.

Write them down in a chart with space below them, as you will be going into specifics in the next step.

2. Identify Specifics

Next, you want to write the specific goals you want to achieve underneath each domain. Take your time and truly set your intentions and goals and be specific! An important part of using a vision board is to eliminate doubts about your ability to achieve your goals. Then, under each domain, we would recommend having at least 3-5 goals but feel free to write as much as you want but try not to be redundant.

An example of a few goals could be:


“Starting my own successful online business”

“Getting a promotion (insert specific position) at work (insert specific place)”


“Eat foods that nourish my body and enrich my health”

“Work out 6 times a week”

3. Search for Images

Now you have to search for images that relate to your goals and inspire you! The best tool for this would be Pinterest. Also, Instagram or Tumblr is good as well but Pinterest is the best to use when starting fresh. Try not to set goals to be like another person but to be the best version of yourself. In addition, you can also use Word or Pages and insert the images you find online. 

4. Build Your Board

This is the fun part! Start building your board by adding images that truly inspire you. Try not to overdo it, it can usually take a few days to a week to finish crafting your vision board.

5. Finalize

All you have to do now is finalize your board! At this point, you should = review your board and remove any images that do not truly believe exemplify what it is you’re striving for or any redundant images.

6. Start Achieving Your Goals!

At last, you can start using your vision board as a motivation tool whenever you need that extra boost! Be sure to stay strong in your intentions and eliminate doubts about your success.

Do you like building vision boards? Do you like to make physical or digital boards? Let us know in the comments below!

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