March 6, 2022

How To Stop Overthinking Everything- 7 Tips To Relax!

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Hello everyone!

Today we are talking about how to stop overthinking everything and 7 tips to relax! Overthinking may seem like a harmless problem but it has been linked to depression and anxiety and can be a symptom of these afflictions. It may be hard to kick a habit but we will be providing 7 easy methods to reduce overthinking and you can start today!

So let’s get into it!

1. Meditate

Meditation is an amazing way to stay more relaxed and mindful throughout the day. Regular, quality meditation can help you gain perspective on difficult and stressful situations. It allows you time for true introspection and undisturbed thinking. Although you may think overthinking is just what it states- overthinking, with a deeper look, we can see that overthinking is the result of a lack of deep, quality, and semi-regularly introspection. If you practice meditation, self-reflection, and introspection, you begin to understand yourself more! You may think, “but who else knows me better than myself?”, but a lot of us truly do not know our nature, our capabilities, and our true potential. That is why we fall victim to useless overthinking. True knowledge and confidence in self will eliminate overthinking and meditation is a great way to get there!

2. Be More Positive

Try to be more positive! When overthinking, we always tend to dream up situations in which the worst possible outcome will happen. When you find yourself spiralling down a negative overthinking rabbit hole, try to combat these pessimistic thoughts with positive ones. Even when you don’t believe you need to build the habit of breaking negative thoughts and only (mostly) speaking positivity. Soon enough, you’ll be able to see the good in every situation, changing your worldview for the better!

3. Be More Mindful

Overthinking can be combatted by just being more mindful and present in the moment. Living in the past or fretting over the future is a sure way to increase your anxiety and waste the present! Thinking about what-ifs and buts will only draw you away from the present making you feel less grounded and relaxed. Breathing exercises, regular walks, reducing screen time, and reading are all great ways to be more mindful. When you practice being more present in the current moment, you will realize how futile overthinking and fretting about future outcomes is! Your part in life is to prepare, work, and show up and then let the chips fall where they may!

4. Talk It Out

Try to talk it out with your family or friends! When you’re nervous or just overthinking about something, sometimes talking it out helps you realize how unnecessary all your anxieties are. Extrovert or introvert, keeping all our thoughts and emotions bottled up inside is not healthy at all! No matter how independent and self-sufficient you are, everyone needs someone to talk to about what’s going on inside.

5. Find Healthy Distractions

Distract yourself! Don’t ruminate on unhealthy behaviours and drive yourself insane! When you feel yourself getting lost in negative thoughts, try to distract yourself with some simple activities. A great way to change your course of thought is to do something physical in nature. Overthinking and anxiety can be caused by lack of movement making your mind overwork and become anxious. Yoga, stretching, pilates, weight-lifting, puzzles, chess, and podcasts are amazing ways to productively distract yourself.

6. Unlearn Perfectionism

Overthinking as a symptom of perfectionism is more common than you think! “Perfectionism is often defined as the need to be or appear to be perfect or even to believe that it’s possible to achieve perfection. It is typically viewed as a positive trait rather than a flaw. People may use the term “healthy perfectionism” to describe or justify perfectionistic behaviour” ( When you feel the need for things to be perfect of course you will suffer from overthinking! Perfectionism is a hard habit to break but it must start with your mindset and understanding of life.

“If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” – G.K. Chesterton

“The expert at anything was once a beginner.” – Helen Hayes

We must come to understand that life isn’t about succeeding at everything and perfecting every skill under the sun. What reward comes out of that type of life? Will you feel satisfied and happy? Living life to feel, experience, and share is the way to be satisfied and happy not chasing a curated image in your head that does not exist about how to live your life.

7. Believe In Yourself

Self-confidence is key! People with solid self-esteem and self-confidence do not experience overthinking because they are self-assured and know their capabilities. Once you learn your true potential and abilities, overthinking things will seem like a waste of time! Having more experience in life and discovering your nature will help you be more comfortable with the future and uncertain outcomes.

8. Journaling

Putting some pen to paper can be very therapeutic! Journaling has been proven to improve well-being, reduce stress, increase confidence, and much more. In addition to its sentiment value, journaling can also boost your creativity, put new perspectives on situations, and be a way to release your emotions. When you have a designated space and time for unabashedly letting your feelings out, you will feel so much more in control and relaxed in your daily life. Daily journaling is the perfect way to combat overthinking while being able to indulge in some nostalgia!

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Are you an overthinker? Will you be using any tips from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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