January 31, 2022

Morning Routine For Productivity- Easy Steps For Focus!

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Hello everyone!

Sustained productivity has been our number one hurdle since the beginning of quarantine. We struggled with staying focused, finishing tasks, and even getting started! As we did trial and error for ways to stay productive, all was done to no avail to our productivity issue.

All of a sudden, we came to a huge realization, even with all these tools and external cues, my mindset was not in the right place in the morning! We would fall asleep watching Netflix and would wake up and scroll for hours- essentially dooming my day before it even started!

If you are mentally unready to start your day it will poison your day like a bad apple.

After refining this routine, we are happy to present a morning routine that can maximize your productivity.

So let’s get into the routine!

7:00 am – WAKE UP

We encourage everyone to wake up at least at 8:00 am. This will ensure that you have enough time to get everything done! Waking up at 6:00 am or 5:30 am is the best way to maximize your day.

For your alarm, do not use loud vibrational sounds and opt for something more relaxing sound such as bird noises, rain, or soft piano music. We do not recommend waking up to loud or overly energetic music. It may seem tempting as a means to wake up a heavy sleeper but this will start your morning off in a heightened and anxious state- which we want to avoid!

7:05 am – DRINK WATER

Next to your bed, always always always have a reusable bottle filled with water! Drink this as soon as you wake up (around 500-700 ml). This will give you energy, quench your thirst, and can help with that morning BM. Drinking water in the morning is practiced in Japanese Water Therapy. We would recommend it to those with digestive issues!

 7:15 am – VISION BOARD

A vision board is a collage of pictures of your goals, dreams, and aspirations! Your vision board should be filled with pictures of things that you are working towards.

For example, if you were an aspiring chef, your vision board would be filled with pictures of restaurants, dishes, cooking awards, etc. You can have it in any format you like- we like to keep it as a pdf locked file on my phone.

When you look through these images, imagine yourself in the position you want to be in and focus on its inevitability. This will provide you with the motivation to get through any hard tasks you have that day, set your mind frame in the right state, and increase your productivity.


You can opt for one of the two. For yoga, you can just pull up a video on YouTube and follow it. Nothing too strenuous but just enough to wake up your sleepy body and stretch the muscles. We find that throughout the rest of the day, we don’t hold as much tension in our shoulders.

This is the video we love to watch!

If you are meditating that day, lift the blinds of your bedroom window and sit in front of it. Focus on my breath and try to anchor myself to the present. Let my mind go blank and just watch the scenery. We recommend you take a moment in the morning to do something that requires silence and focus to help clear your mind of any heavy thoughts, tiredness, or anxiety. This will increase your focus and productivity later in the day.

 7:35 am – TIDY UP

Always spread your bed and clean up your room once you get out of bed.


Brush your teeth and spritz your face with rose water or do your skincare routine.


We suggest wearing cute clothes that make you feel your best! Throw out those ratty t-shirts that you only wear inside. Working out can increase your alertness and focus therefore improving your productivity.

7:55 am – WORKOUT

At least 20 minutes of activity can radically improve your day. Always stretch after your warm-up and after your workout- your body will thank you!

Caroline Girvan is probably the best fitness YouTuber! We are currently undergoing her 10-week Epic II workout program and would suggest her channel for good-quality workouts. 

If you are more of a beginner Chloe Ting (the queen of quarantine fitness) has great videos as well.

9:00 am – SHOWER

Take a 15-minute shower and pump my music while doing so! Then do your morning skincare routine.

9:30 am – START THE DAY

In the right mindset and full of energy, you are now ready to attack the day and focus your productive energy!

What are your tips to stay productive? Let us know in the comments below!

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