February 1, 2022

Social Media Etiquette- 5 Tips on Appearing More Mysterious!

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Hello everyone!

Today we are talking about social media etiquette and ways to become more mysterious while online! In this social media age, it has become commonplace to overshare and overindulge your followers in your personal life, drama, and goals. As we have said before, we do not necessarily believe social media is inherently evil but it is now being used in unhealthy ways! We recommend going through your following list on every platform you use and unfollowing people who make you feel sad, that you always compare yourself to, post solely of drama and promote an unhealthy lifestyle (constantly drinking, smoking, cancel culture, etc).

If you find you spend too much time on social media, you can impose screen time limits through iPhone settings, Digital Wellbeing, RealizD, and much more. You can then follow pages that speak of healthiness, healing, exercise, finance, etc. Follow people that can teach you something beneficial or that you find positive and entertaining. Also, feel free to delete old posts that no longer represent who you are! Your social media presence is one that only you can dictate and curate.

In addition to your consumption, the way you post on social media is just as important. As we go through the list, remember this does not mean you can’t share anything ever but try to exercise discernment when sharing aspects of your personal life. Just because someone follows you means that they are observing your life with good intentions.

So let’s get into it!

1. Engaging in drama

Engaging in petty drama in real life is already not tasteful but online? Not a look. It may be fun to consume ridiculous petty and online drama once in a while but you do not want to shape your life or your personality around it. Also, the moment you go from casually observing to engaging- you’ve gone too far. Have you ever talked to someone who was like the daily reporter for online drama? It is absolutely tiring, boring, and slightly pathetic. Being obsessed over cheating scandals that do not concern you or your immediate loved ones is unnatural behaviour. Step back from social media and realize that it is not real life. Your life is not KUWTK and WorldStarHiphop drama, it is connecting with others, growing, and trying to fulfill your personal goals.

To be clear, the petty drama does not mean supporting social causes such as #FreePalestine, #StopAsianHate, #BlackLivesMatter etc. Using your platform to create social change and bring awareness is fine, but make sure to try to toe the line when it comes to online debates and bickering. When you share your socioeconomic and political beliefs, you may open up yourself to those that are looking to argue and start drama.

2. Posting shady Subliminals

Shading subliminals are in line with engaging in petty drama. Although you may be very upset about a personal situation, it is sometimes best to leave these emotions on the internet. When you post an obscure, catty comment online- it seems very immature. Think about some of the people you admire. Do you see them posting shady subliminals on Twitter when they’re upset? No! Speak to your friends and family about the situation and do not seek refuge on the internet. It may seem nice at first, but oversharing online is like giving out free ammunition.

Positive subliminals on the other hand are nothing to be avoided. We would advise against sharing in great details about good things that have not been completely confirmed yet but that is just a personal preference. Some people like to share some of their goals online and that is fine as well! Sometimes sharing your goals online can improve your accountability and motivate you to stick to your word!

3. Being overly active

Liking, sharing, retweeting, and posing 24/7 365 is not a great look. Although, if you are trying to build a following online it may require more hours than a casual poster. If this is your case, try to automate and schedule posts so you don’t have to be online as much.

4. Swearing

Just like in person, swearing too much is a turn-off for most people. When you have to cuss every time you speak it makes you seem unintelligent and aggressive. Also, if you are new on the job market it may be wise to monitor what and how you say things on the internet. Although not true for all jobs but your online presence may be screened to determine your eligibility for your career prospects.

5. Indulging too much personal information

Try to avoid indulging too much personal information online. This does not mean you can not post your graduation photos or share happy moments with your follower BUT you need to manage and make rules on what can and can not be shared on social media. Once you post on the internet, it is essentially impossible to ever get rid of it. We don’t mean you have to sit down and evaluate every post you make- that’s ridiculous! But when it comes to personal, familial, relationship, and friendship matters, try to judge the situation closely. Do you want to post on social media in great detail about your rocky personal relationships? Should you post about your destructive habits and downfalls? NEVER!

If the only place you feel true support and love is on the internet, you need to change your circle! Social media is not real life. You need to reach out to new people and separate yourself from toxic people in your daily life. When you realize the internet is your sole refuge, you need to try to change aspects of your life.

Are you a huge fan of social media or do you only use it casually? Will you be using any of the tips we have mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!

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